What kind of businessman are you?

What kind of businessman are you? The overriding goal of all of us is to answer this question։ successful.

In our work we have met and worked with many businessmen, and now we have decided to tell what the main types of businessmen are. Of course, people are different, and it is impossible for everyone to do the same, but some similarities have resulted in the following types of businessmen.

Businessman No. 1. Man-product

This businessman has created the perfect product, and it doesn’t matter at all whether he created: an app, shoes or a lamp, but it is truly flawless. This type of businessman has a problem – his perfect product is not sold because there is a business idea, but the business plan is flawed. He does not know details of sales, he does not understand marketing and as a result he has a product that no one knows about.

An entrepreneur can be helped if he is open to listening to and working with professionals. He needs to work with a marketing company or hire staff with relevant positions. In the 21st century, the role of marketing cannot be ignored, consumer behavior has changed, and good products are not enough for a profitable business.

Businessman No. 2. Searcher

There are businessmen that are endlessly searching for something. Which niche to choose, what business to start; he does not stop asking this question, has tried himself in many ways, but has not succeeded. It seems like all the niches are bad. He is setting up a new business and is constantly failing. Today he reads business books, tries to make a guest house business plan, tomorrow develops a business plan for a beauty salon, gets frustrated and begins to think about how to start a restaurant business. But he never thinks about business analysis.

The main problem of a searcher is that he does not study the labor, does not test, does not check. He not only looks for a niche but also for himself. It is necessary to abandon the futile style of work and take a serious approach to the selection of characters, singling out some of them by answering the following questions:

  • What can you do?
  • What interests you in your free time?
  • What do you want to do?
  • What are you willing to do, even if you don’t get paid?

There should be result in all testing parts and the conclusion will be:

  • Which one brings the most money?
  • Which one makes it easier to record the result?
  • Which one is the most attractive?
  • Which one marks the highest margin?

By combining the answers to these questions, it is possible to select the niche that will truly work.

Businessmen №3. Me, myself and I

The impression is that businessmen of this type have many hands and many heads. He has taken on all the responsibilities – making sales calls, writing and sending letters, meeting clients, posting on social networks and on the web. He comes to work the first and goes home the last. He manages everything, and that could have been great, but there is one problem: he is busy with lower scale functions and simply cannot allocate resources for strategy, generates business ideas, as a result business exists, works, but does not develop. .

By saying “I will do everything myself” you will not go further, this kind of businessman should be able to stop and realize that it is necessary to dismiss all those who take advantage of the opportunity and unnoticed leave their responsibilities on the shoulders of the businessman by doing nothing and getting paid. Saying good-bye to them will be the first step. Then he needs to find honest and conscientious employees and overcome the idea that employees know nothing and that it is easier to do the job on his own. When needed, they should be sent to business trainings, there will be investments in their education, and in result there will be competent distribution of work and harmonious developing business

Business №4. Failed

No one insured from failures, they are the test of success. Many businessmen find themselves in the abyss of debt, loans, health or personal problems. There is too much uncertainty in their lives, and running away from everything seems to be the best solution.

The most important thing to do is to understand and accept the problem. He should not try to run away or find a solution in alcohol, drugs and so on. Fear and anxiety are destructive, and he needs to relax.

Life is a cycle of ups and downs, and with each passing test you become stronger and smarter.

These problems can be overcome. Here are some tips:

  • Communicate with people who have overcome similar challenges.
  • Learn to agree, negotiate. Concessions are always possible, try to reduce some payments unless you find another option.
  • Cut costs, remove ineffective employees.
  • Avoid contact with toxic people.
  • Surround yourself with strong, cheerful and positive people whose energy is catching.
  • Accept any difficulty as a lesson and get to benefit from it.

Business №5. Hopeless

Many of us are familiar with the feeling of being consumed. It happens when people are constantly on the job, don’t get vacations and never stop thinking about work. It is impossible to be the best if you do not enjoy work. Loss of motivation has dangers for business.You need energy and inspiration for new business ideas.

You need to take a break and spend some time without thinking about work. The new hobby, new interests will change the situation.

Remember that business is not the meaning of life, it’s just part of it. Enjoy that part.

Business №6. Holes in company

The company has a large cash flow, but the business income is incomparably lower. These businessmen are investing, educating employees and spending money on advertising. Turnover increases, income does not.

The entrepreneur should understand that there are “holes” in the company that drain his income. How to end loss?

  • Calculate company funds. Find out how much you pay for rent, utilities and salaries.
  • Separate the primary and secondary costs and try to reduce them.
  • Get rid of employees who are not effective.

This businessman should not focus on sales and marketing, he needs to optimize costs.

These are the types of businessmen we often face. We have described the main issues they have. As we have already mentioned, any problem is just a challenge, don’t avoid asking professionals and friends for help. Be prepared for any situation, be open to learning and developing, and in that case you can proudly say: “I am a successful businessman”.

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